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A Dream Come True Beach Resort Town in Vietnam For Pennies On The Dollar

Resort in Muine Vietnam

Here is one of many dozens of resorts in Muine, Vietnam, with amazing value. My room in this one was $15 a night. I had cable TV, Wifi, fridge, A/C, a great view and a gorgeous pool. Actually I took this picture from my balcony.

This was not a steal of a deal special bargain. This was the regular room rate. Ok, it was a single room. For a double I would have had to pay $18. But even if you had to spend a little more you could still live like a king on a small budget.

A dinner can be had for $3 (not including drinks), and a 4 hour jeep tour to various attractions costs $6. Sure, you can splurge and spend a lot more on fancier rooms and dinners, but you don’t have to.

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The Amazing Crazy House In Dalat, Vietnam

Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam
Would you believe that you are looking at a house?
Yes, you are – the Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam.

I went to the Crazy House today here in the city of Dalat in Vietnam. No, not to the loony bin – I did not go crazy.

The truth is that there are no crazy people in the Crazy House at all. But there are plenty of tourists who are happy to pay the entrance fee to see this really unique house. Actually it is several houses, not one.

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Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City Experience

Hanoi in the north is Vietnam’s capital and political center whereas Ho Chi Minh City in the south is its economic engine and power house. Many people still refer to it by its previous name, Saigon.

Since Ho Chi Minh City is a little cumbersome to write, it is generally abbreviated to HCMC, kind of like Los Angeles is often spelled as LA and New York City as NYC.

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Traffic Adventure In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

traffic gridlock In Saigon
Wherever you look in Ho Chi Minh City, there is always an
overwhelming number of scooters around you

Ho Chi Minh City used to be known as Saigon. Many locals are still using the previous old name which rolls off the tongue much better than the new name. And the one area where I am staying is officially called Saigon, a district within Ho Chi Minh City.

So what brought me to Vietnam? I actually live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. That’s a great city with one BIG exception. During March and April the weather is extremely hot. And at the same time there is lots of agricultural burning going on during that time. The result of this is extremely high air pollution which is dangerous for your health.

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