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Family Planning And Condom Use In Thailand

Population explosion is a big issue in some Asian countries. Look at India for example. China had the same problem and in response they instituted the (not very popular) one child policy.

Consequences of over population in developing nations can be starvation, lack of employment, lack of sufficient medical care, inability of the government to provide enough social services, pollution, sanitation issues etc. It’s a serious problem.

Not too long ago Thailand also had a population growth problem. Families were large with lots of children being born, and there was wide spread poverty. The writing was on the wall that sooner or later there would be serious consequences.

Today Thailand’s population growth has shrunk significantly. There is no serious starvation, there are no slums which exist in some other Asian countries, and Thailand is one of the more prosperous countries in southeast Asia. How did this come about?

It didn’t just happen because of massive government intervention like in China. Thailand is a good model for how grassroots efforts by a few committed people can have tremendous results.

This video is quite enlightening and also quite funny. It will give you a unique perspective how the way of thinking of an entire nation was changed through some very unusual methods. Don’t miss these hilarious condom stories!

And thanks to one of the regular readers of this blog, Graham Mason, for bringing this video to our attention.

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1 thought on “Family Planning And Condom Use In Thailand”

  1. Great to see this video here. I was born in Zimbabwe and I left some 30 years ago. In those days the population growth rate was around 5% p.a. So the population would double every 18 years. Today with its corruption and mismanagement the economy is a complete disaster.

    When people look at the politics and problems of that continent they tend to become blind the effect of population growth. It is so great that if you do manage to send food to feed a few starving people, then those that you may save may only multiply to become part of an even greater famine a few years later. Overpopulation leads to poverty and its as simple as that, but not a reality that is being readily embraced in the world. Maybe they should look to Thailand as a model.

    Despite a lot of the problems that Thailand does have, when one travels around one realises the incredible resourcefulness and compassion that exists. In Asia and in fact the world the country is a shining example of how to progress slowly but steadily from a very poor third world country to greater prosperity.


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