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Great Free Entertainment in Thailand

Recently I visited a town in Thailand (Hua Hin), and I noticed that there was a festival going on. Whatever the Thai festivals are about, the most important thing is always eating. No food – no festival.

There is always a party atmosphere, announcers are talking non-stop over loudspeakers tuned to top volume, and often there are traditional Thai dances performed on a stage.

At this festival most of the dance performances were from the southern provinces of Thailand which have a large Muslim population and influence from Malaysia.

The music was really upbeat, the dancers pretty and talented, and the food great. Some of the vendors put on shows of their own. You got to see how they make drinks – it’s quite a performance.

Luckily I had my camera handy and I turned the highlights into a short movie that shows you what kind of free entertainment you are likely to find in Thai towns.

The author, Shama Kern

The author, Shama Kern, has been living in Thailand and southeast Asia for two decades. When he is not traveling and exploring, he lives with his Thai wife in Chiang Mai. You can reach him at shama@shamakern.com

16 thoughts on “Great Free Entertainment in Thailand”

  1. Hey, I’ve watch the dancing..I was watching with my masseurs. They told me that the dancers are Thai Malay.

    They are really beautiful…

    What a nice colourful life they having..

  2. Yes Anna, the festival seemed to be focused on the culture of the southern Thai provinces which are right next to Malaysia.

  3. The dancers are very beautiful and graceful! As far as the food is concerned I can imagine what kind of food it might be since I’ve been to several Thai restaurants and I enjoyed the meals immensly, but the most amazing thing is the way it is prepared! It’s great fun to watch how the Thais enjoy preparing food and what a show they make out of it! I find it useful to borrow their attitude to this kind of occupation, which has always seemed boring to me.

    Thank you,

    I do like to see all this one day with my own eyes!

    • Lidia, the Thais never get bored with eating and preparing food. They don’t just eat three meals a day – they are eating throughout the day many times. Wherever they go, to the beach, to a waterfall, to a party, to a festival, it is centered around food.

      One thing I find amazing about Thai food is that it can be prepared in minutes unlike more European style food which takes forever to prepare.

  4. Yum! The food looks so good. The dancers and costumes are exquisite too! Now I shall definitely have to visit Thailand and experience the culture, and perhaps partake in a ‘hands-on’ massage course with you Shama when I complete the video course! My son would love to graze on food all day long!

    • Thailand is the only country that I know where you are constantly being asked if you like Thai food. Nobody in the US or England would ever ask you if you like American or English food.

      The Thais are really good at organizing events and festivals. Here in Chiang Mai, where I live, there is always something going on, a big lively market, a flower show, a festival, a food fair, a dance performance. That’s one of the big attractions here. People come to Chiang Mai from all over Thailand for major events.

  5. So true , I went to Chang-Mia a few years ago to study, found myself so in-captivated by the people. I was lucky enough to stay near the morning market, the food is something you have to experience, you will not look at food the same way.

    The people , the dancing, breath taking.

    I thank you for sharing some of your time in Thailand, looking forward to go back.

    With great Metta

  6. Great video Shama, for us living here in Thailand, we never get bored, there is always something going on, “Endless Summer with a Flair” I will send you a little video of something very special here on Samui, perhaps it is practice all over Thailand, we will see from my video, stay tune coming to you real soon, Ciao for now, Coco


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