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Strange Healing Miracle in Thailand

When we think about Thailand, what comes to mind is probably beaches, exotic places, sightseeing, and maybe even Thai massage. But this healing miracle has nothing to do with any of the above.

All cultures in the world have some system of healing. People have always had problems with their bodies due to disease, injuries or accidents, and that will never change. Healers of some kind have always been a necessity for any society. Such healing systems range from shamanic approaches to modern medicine with innumerable varieties in between.

Even in western societies which have officially subscribed to modern medicine as the only healing system, there is a huge subculture of alternative approaches.  Older traditional cultures have relied on such methods for thousands of years since there were no other means available.

All of these methods have merit and work sometimes, but not all the time – just like modern medicine. Here is the true story of a rather unusual healing that happened in Thailand.

Jang was a 14 year old girl who lived in the southern province of Songkla in Thailand. She developed a serious case of skin ulcerations that spread around her belly and back. Several visits to doctors and hospitals provided no relief and no cure. This kind of disease is well known in the rural areas of Thailand and can be fatal in severe cases.

Jang exhausted all her options with modern medicine and she came close to dying. In desperation her parents took her to a local healer, an old man who was known for his healing powers. He took a look at her and proclaimed that he could cure her.

Next he put something in his mouth which according to Jang seemed to be betel nut and leaves, but she could not be sure. Betel nuts are chewed by many Asians for their stimulating effect. It looks pretty gruesome since it turns teeth and gums red and black and the people who chew it constantly spit out streams of blood red saliva mixed with betel.

The healer chewed for a while and then spit the blood red substance on her belly and back, and rubbed it in while blowing on it and uttering some kind of chant. There is no way of knowing what exactly he was doing, but after three days of these treatments, Jang totally recovered from the life threatening disease.

The scars are still clearly visible on her skin 25 years later, but the disease never came back. The old shaman accomplished a healing miracle while the doctors had given up on Jang. He asked for a modest payment of a couple of chickens and 100 baht which is about US$ 3.-

Before you say that this is a ridiculous story – how can spitting on someone cure anything – I would like to remind you that one of the most famous healers in history, Jesus, healed a blind man by spitting into his eyes (Mark 8,28).

What makes this particular case quite authentic is that Jang is not a fictitious person or someone I heard about, but she is my wife.  I have been living with her for many years, and I have seen the scars.

There are many such healing stories everywhere in the world. We call them miracles, but that only means that we don’t understand how they work. However the people practicing these methods see nothing miraculous in them. The old man in Jang’s village had been healing people for decades, and for him it was just his job.  The villagers can attest to many of his successes. He probably could not heal everyone of everything, but he did save Jang’s life.

36 thoughts on “Strange Healing Miracle in Thailand”

  1. Hello, very nice story indeed! I am impressed, do you think great healer and can heal cancers? Specially pancreatic cancer with liver spread stage 4? thank you, A

    • Aryona, healing is something that you can never be sure about. It does not matter if it is a medical doctor or a village healer. Nobody can guarantee healing. I only know that this healer helped my partner overcome a deadly disease, and he helped many others in similar ways. You are asking a very specific question, and nobody could give a definite answer to that. All I can say is that such miraculous healings can and do happen sometimes.

    • I believe in this healing story. Although I am not from Thailand I am from Utah, I have experienced many of my own miracles in my life. Somethings are just not eplained. Many things in this life cannot be explained. My dsughter is a miracle she was conceived from a visectomy her coming to be should not have happened. But in my eyes she is a total miracle. Ive ecperienced other miracles. Ive learned to enjoy life and watch what enfolds. I belueve in all seen and unseen.

  2. Hi there.
    Would you possibly have any contact details for the healer or one who has got a good reputation in Thailand?
    Best regards – R.A.

    • Rose, this particular story happened 25 years ago. Nowadays there are less healers of this type in Thailand then there used to be before the advent of modern medicine and medical facilities. They still do exist, and with some effort (and knowledge of the Thai language) it is possible to find them. It depends what kind of healing you are talking about. I don’t have any specific or general recommendation since there are too many individual and specific considerations involved.

    • Hi
      I just read the story of the 14 year old healed by the village healer. Just want to let you know that I had a similar healing with a similar miraculous result in Koh Phi Phi Thailand about 11 years ago. He may still be alive after the 2004 Sunami. He goes by the name Dr. Saad (“Say-ad”) and is very, very old. He has or at least had a clininc on Koh Phi Phi island near the main pier. You can ask the islanders that speak English to direct you to him. I think he is possibly the same man although it is a stretch. He worked on me in exactly the same way and the Betel nut thing sounds very familiar. give Koh Phi Phi a try.

      • Thanks for your comment Amy. Yes, there are still such healers around in Thailand, and most of them are old. I am afraid that in another 20 or 30 years there will hardly be any of them around.

  3. john of god is an excellent healer.he has a healing sanctuary in abadania in brazil.he has been healing there for 50 years and has cured c.ancer etc.i returned from there 2 weeks ago and would certainly recommend going to see him.

    • Dawn, I agree with you, I have heard and read a lot about John of God, and he seems to be one of the most amazing healers on the planet today.

      • In regard to John of God, does he have an email address for making contact? Also, do you know of any healers that work specifically in clearing the metaphysical field and in removing benevolent evil spirits and dark energies?

        • Amy, if you just google “John of God”, you will find lot of info about him, including how to contact him.
          I have met several healers all over the world who work on clearing energy. It seems that they are not much represented among the younger generation anymore.
          This is a very personal issue. What they do works for some people, but not for others. I could not recommend anyone specifically. Here in Thailand, whoever is left of them, is living generally in a small village or in a temple. They do not advertise and are not interested in large followings. Even if I would know specific people, I would not advertise them publicly on a website, since they would not appreciate that. I am sure you understand.

  4. Hi there – couple of things – I have come across individuals whose cancer has either gone into remission and/or all markers have disappeared after visiting certain non shall we say orthodox healers.
    I have visited John of God twice and found that for myself the experience was very uplifting.I think its perhaps helpful to point out that the entities that John channels ( not conscious channelling) address the individuals holistic condition and treat as they deem.So what you may hope for or like may not always be treated in the way you expect. Other times they are.
    Also the entities heal not only whilst one is in the Casa or locality but healing can be affected remotely.
    If you cant go maybe give someone a relevant photo.Also check Johns travel diary as he may be healing elsewhere.More info on the web and
    maybe look on YouTube – Wayne Dyer gives a remarkable account of his personal experiences and he mentions a lady called Amita relating a NearDeathExperience and recovering from 27tumours after being given up on by the medical team when unconscious in an Hong Kong A&E Dept.
    In the U.k. – maybe check out Steven Toruff.
    For researched more olopathic treatment – look at Dr. Joanna Budwig – highly interesting – and highly doable with world wide researched evidence and testimonials.
    Also look at vitamin B17 (Laetrile or Amagdylin) from bitter Apricot Kernels and see independent personal testimonials -and some personal account from Dr Glum ex research Director of Sloane Kettering Cancer Research Hospital – Syracuse NY. Hope some of this will help – best – Al.

    • Thanks for all your info and the resources. I have a lot of respect for Wayne Dyer. Do you know where he writes or speaks about his experience with John of God? I would like to listen to or read about it.

    • the woman with the near death experience and miraculous healing was Anita Moorjani, she has YouTube vides and books I think the YouTube video was titled “Dying to live”

  5. Hi there – I saw some of Waynes chats on YouTube – so below are some links to the videos which may be of interest or others on the page.

    re Spirit of Thailand

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzCy5B_1QpM for Wayne Dyer
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjLouLHH-_I Anita Moorjarni
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eIZuGtx3Dc John of God
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFpYhEhrxQE Abraham – Hicks

    Hope some of this may be of interest.
    Personally I have travelled in Thailand a little but not up to Chang Mai.
    Does anyone have any current feedback re the likelihood of finding an English teaching position in Chang Mai – this is for a univ. post-grad (Philosophy M.Phil) guy with a TEFL cert. Namely myself.
    Kind regards – Al.

    • Thanks for the links.
      To find a teaching job in Chiang Mai is not at all difficult, especially since you have the TOEFL certificate already.

  6. Hi there – would possibly like to visit Chang Mai maybe with my sister around mid Sept, – is the healing festival still taking place then?
    Best – alistair

    • The event in my story was not part of a healing festival, it was a one time occurrence. There are many healers in Thailand, and there are events which are meant for healing, but there is no one particular healing festival.

  7. I have several illnesses and live in Los Angeles, California. I am going to Buthan in April and want to know where to go there or other parts of Thailand or ANYWHERE to find healing? I am willing to go anywhere and need guidance as I do not have contacts and do not know who to turn to. Could you spare a few minutes and help me? Anyone?

    • While I feel for you and understand your pain, your question here is so broad and general that it is next to impossible to answer it in a meaningful way. We have no idea what kind of problems you are having, and even if you tell us, I doubt that anyone could come up with a useful suggestion for your particular situation over the internet.

      There are healers in many Asian countries, however it always depends on what your problem is, what kind of interaction you have with a healer, and other factors. I think you would be better off doing a lot of research on a specific country and try a few healers.

      Another thing is that unfortunately nowadays there are much fewer healers around than there used to be. This has a lot to do with modernization, medical facilities, abandonment of cultural values, and the tendency by the young generation to not place any more value on traditional healing methods. In other words the traditional healers are gradually dying out without being replaced by new ones unfortunately.

      I don’t know anything about Bhutan, only about Thailand. And here such healers are getting harder to find since there aren’t so many of them around anymore. Some still exist, but they don’t advertise, generally don’t speak English, and don’t have an international following. So it does take some effort and determination to find such persons. And of course there is never a guarantee that they can actually help a particular person.

      That should certainly not deter you from trying, but I could not point you in a specific direction or to a specific person. I wish I could…

  8. Hi there Blanche and all – re your healing request info – I would consider either sending a photo or visiting John Of God in Abadiania a small town 120km sw of Brasilia in Brazil. See the Youtube videos on John Blanche (just type in John of God in the youtube search box) – I have been there myself 4 times and met amazing results (people with changed conditions) and also know of others (like wayne dyer) who have had a photo taken or sent to John (he is an unconscious medium). John has been a medium or vehicle for healing “entities” for about 60 years. You do not have to believe etc. These entities help to align the bodies energies (inner outer) with Wellbeing or Wellness. Hope this is helpful. By all means I can give further info to anyone who wishes to look further.
    Very Best AlistairSigvard (see Facebook)

  9. I tryed Mr ORBITO from philipines similar work of John of God but it didn’t work I felt a bit used and patronising but that was my experience. remember that only YOU have the power of healing the rest shamen and healers are guided by spirits or else but u must willing to understand ur desease and want to heal.

  10. Paula, in my experience no healer works out for everybody. Even those who have had amazing results for many, will have patients who don’t get any results. Of course the same is true for the medical field in general.

    So we just can’t expect a 100% success rate. I don’t know if this has something to do with the healer or the patient or the karma or whatever the reason may be, but it is already a wonderful thing if just some people get miraculously healed by these people.

  11. thanks for sharing valuable informations ,very interesting about this comments and web, mr Alistair sigvard comments is more interesting and need to contact via personal email as he wishes to further info to assist, please tell me Mr alistair- your e mails

  12. HI i recently came across a news report and youtube video of a healer making a mute deaf person talk. Does anybody have his contact details? I think he is called Sokhen Cher. Thanks

  13. dear sir. my name is madhab roy chowdhury. I am from bangladesh. sir my soon before he was talk. but last more then 2 years he did not talk to any thing. only saund.
    so sir I am not a rich man I am poor man. kindly help to my soon. please.
    and give me your contact number. I want to meet you. how can I meet you.???

    • I feel for you and your pain. However the story that I wrote about happened 32 years ago. My wife told it to me, but it happened when she was a young girl. This particular healer is almost certainly not alive anymore. I don’t have any special connection to such healers, and meeting me would not help you. I wrote this article because it is a true story, and what happened back then probably saved my wife’s life. However I have no ability or knowledge to help your son find such a healer. I wish you and your son all the best from my heart.

  14. Dear mister Shama,pleasecan you help me ,to give an exact address and connection to a real authentic miracle healer inThailand?
    Iam coming again in december,bangkok and a longer stay in Chiang Mai
    May be you can give me advice
    Iam a healer myself ,work in east and west. 73 yearso
    D and need now some help.
    Thank you for giving advice .with blessings,
    Mika Kramer Schippers- Berger Ph D

    Costa Rica- Haarlem Holland= london- Barcelona,MalagaSpain- ChiangMai .

    • Mika, this event happened over 30 years ago. Nowadays there are fewer healers in Thailand as there used to be. Thailand has become more modernized and has largely adopted the western style of medicine.

      This means that it is harder to find such traditional healers. They still do exist, but I am not personally familiar with such a person who I could refer you to.

  15. Hi guys,
    Just read this blog of yours. I’ve been to see John of God many times. Unfortunately he has been jailed recently. I’ve attached a link.

    Brazil ‘spiritual healer’ known as John of God jailed for 19 years for raping four women

    Spiritual healer Joao Teixeira de Faria has faced a slew of accusations
    Spiritual healer Joao Teixeira de Faria has faced a slew of accusations CREDIT: MARCELO CAMARGO/AGENCIA BRASIL VIA AP

    Associated Press
    20 DECEMBER 2019 • 5:22PM
    A spiritual healer in Brazil known as Joao de Deus, or John of God, received his first prison sentence on Thursday following a deluge of sex abuse allegations since late last year.

    A judge in Goias state issued a sentence of 19 years and four months for four rapes of different women, according to a statement from the court.

    Lawyers for the 77-year-old Joao de Deus said in a statement that they will appeal the decision.

    Joao Teixeira de Faria drew people from all over the world to his small city two hours west of capital, Brasilia, with promises he could treat everything from depression to cancer, and attended to as many as 10,000 patients per week.

    Hundreds of women, including his daughter, alleged he regularly engaged in abuse ranging from groping to rape.

    Even Oprah Winfrey visited Joao de Deus in 2012 to interview him for her talk show, and called him “inspiring.”

    After the accusations surfaced, Winfrey issued a statement saying she sympathised with the alleged victims and hoped they receive justice.

    Joao de Deus is facing additional cases related to 10 sex crimes, according to the court’s statement.

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  16. Unfortunately was meant for souls seeking a healer. Not unfortunate for the healer being imprisoned for his crimes. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  17. Hello, I have been suffering from sciatic nerve and other back pain. Nothing seems to be working for me. Is there someone in Thailand that specializes in this sort of treatment? I will go anywhere to find relief 🙏🏼


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