Spirit of Thailand

Spirit of Thailand

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The Beautiful Faces of Thailand

Thailand is known as the land of smiles. People will often spontaneously smile at you, for no apparent reason. You might be walking along the street, and a total stranger will flash you a beautiful smile, regardless of gender.

However Thailand is also the land of beautiful faces. Many Thais have attractive, relaxed, friendly features which are not distorted by stress. This is the country of “sabai sabai” – live and let live, and enjoy as much as you can.

Here is a visual presentation of one the most endearing aspects of Thai culture, the naturally beautiful faces of the Thai people.

2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Faces of Thailand”

  1. There is something deep about thai people…..calmness, simplicity and peace. Dont know may be Buddha has impacted their nature. God bless them.

    • Yes Sandy, every time I land in Thailand, I feel that there is something calming and pleasant about the nature of the Thais. It is a good feeling.


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