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Yoga Teachers and Thai Massage

Thai Massage stretch

How can yoga teachers benefit from the practice of Thai massage? Here are eight good reasons:

1. Since many Thai massage moves are very similar to yoga postures, it can help students if their yoga teacher can gently loosen them up and maneuver them into a position through the help of Thai massage techniques.

2. Generally in Yoga teacher trainings there is not much focus on the quality of touch. Since yoga teachers often need to touch their students to adjust a posture, it can be helpful to have more knowledge about the quality of touch that is derived from massage training.

3. I know yoga teachers who end their classes by going around and giving their students a mini head, neck or shoulder massage. This adds a unique touch to their classes and students love it. Massage training is a great help here.

yoga bridge posture

4. Thai massage can be quite similar to partner yoga. It can be a lot of fun to play with some Thai massage positions and relate them to yoga moves.

5. Yoga students get injured sometimes by overstretching or by pushing themselves too hard. Yoga teachers with a knowledge of Thai massage can help in such situations by applying therapeutic moves.

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6. When yoga teachers work with students one-on-one, they can use Thai massage techniques to loosen up and prepare stiff students for challenging postures.

7. Yoga teachers can offer Thai massage sessions to their students. They have an immediate and highly interested market for their massage skills and it blends perfectly with their yoga teaching. It adds another source of income and it adds to the skill level and uniqueness of the yoga teacher.

8. Yoga teachers who also practice Thai massage have the added skill of being able to give their massage clients “homework assignments” in the form of yoga exercises. This amplifies the benefits of a massage session.

Thai Massage

Yoga can benefit from Thai massage’s touch, therapeutic moves, partner yoga applications, and increased skill level. Thai massage can benefit from yoga by going beyond the mechanical aspect of massage technique and focusing more on breath, ergonomics, energy and the spiritual principles which are the goal of yoga practice.

Yoga and Thai massage complement each other in many ways. Yoga practitioners can learn Thai massage easier than others since they already have good body awareness, flexibility and an understanding of the correct mechanics of postures and stretching.

Thai massage practitioners can relate to yoga since they understand many of its benefits from having received Thai massages. They can appreciate yoga practice since it can help them alleviate the physical stress of giving daily massages. Yoga exercises are the best way to keep Thai massage therapists in good shape.

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